Altynbek Zhubanchaliyev

Altynbek Zhubanchaliyev
Altynbek Zhubanchaliyev
Master Student, Research Assistant

  • MSc student in Biology, Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan (Since 2016).
  • BSc in Biology, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan (2010–2015).
  • Fall 2015–presentRegulation of focal adhesion disassembly during cell migration, at Nazarbayev University.
    • Experience
    • Assays for analysis of focal adhesion disassembly, integrin endocytosis and cell migration
    • Indirect immunofluorescence analysis, light microscopy, confocal microscopy of fixed and living cells
  • Summer 2015: Sepsis Diagnostic tests development in collaboration with Dr. Eric Kuebler, Applied University of Basel FHNW, Switzerland and Hutman Diagnostics Inc., Basel, Switzerland. Summer 2015.
    • Experience:
    • Identification of candidate target antibiotic resistance genes using BLAST and Multiple sequence alignment programs

  • FEBS 2015, Berlin, Germany – Short talk and poster presentation.
  • Zhubanchaliyev, A., Chao, W.T., and Kunz, J. (2015). SNX9 regulates focal adhesion disassembly during cell migration. 40th FEBS Congress, Berlin, Germany.   Abstract published in FEBS JOURNAL, Vol. 282, 228-229.

  • NU Research Week  2014 Conference, Astana  – Poster  presentation
  • Zhubanchaliyev, A., Chao, W.T., and Kunz, J (2014). SNX 9 interacts with dynamin 2 and N-Wasp to regulate focal adhesion disassembly and cell migration. Nazarbayev University Research Week, 2014. Book of Abstracts. – Astana: Nazarbayev University, p45. ISBN 978-601-80467-2-8. 

  1. Zhubanchaliyev A, Temirbekuly A, Kongrtay K, Wanshura LC, Kunz J (2016) Targeting Mechanotransduction at the Transcriptional Level: YAP and BRD4 Are Novel Therapeutic Targets for the Reversal of Liver Fibrosis. Frontiers in Pharmacology 7:462. doi:10.3389/fphar.2016.00462.
  2. Zhubanchaliyev A, Sheryazdanova A, Chao W, Kunz J (2016) A PtdIns(4,5)P2 signaling network involved in the regulation of focal adhesion disassembly. FEBS J, 283: P-02.05.5-009. doi:10.1111/febs.13903